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[Chuseok gift set 추석선물세트] Korean Premium Shine Muscat Grapes 샤인머스켓 3입 세트

[Chuseok gift set 추석선물세트] Korean Premium Shine Muscat Grapes 샤인머스켓 3입 세트

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                 [ Korean Premium Shine Muscat ]


Check Point

✔️  Freshest Quality
- Shine Muscats are delivered directly to customers’ houses right from the production area in Korea

✔️  Excellent Taste and Shape
- Only grapes with an average sugar content of 18 brix and above were selected
- Boasts a crunchy texture and sweet scent
- Grown under the warm sunlight, these grapes are also good to look at

✔️  Convenient and Highly Nutritious
- The skin of the grapes can be eaten
- Contains not only an abundance of polyphenols but also various nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Vitamin B6.

What is Brix?

Brix is a unit of sugar concentration.
It is said that it was named "Brix" because Adolf F. Brix in Germany improved it.

How Are The Shine Muscats Harvested?

✔️ Cultivated Using Eco-Friendly Farming Methods
Thanks to the fertile soil and a large daily temperature difference of 15°C and above, the grapes’ sugar content also increases.

✔️ Meticulous Selection Process
o After ensuring there are no abnormalities in the quality, only grapes with the highest sugar content are harvested and shipped. 

How To Store?

- Wrap the grapes using paper or newspaper and keep it chilled.
- You may choose to store it at room temperature to make it taste sweeter, but is best consumed within a week of storage.
(* After ripening, the colour may turn yellow and the grapes may fall off easily. This is a natural phenomenon and not a product defect.)





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