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[Canada 하드바이트/아보카도 감자칩2종 Hardbite avocado potato chip]

[Canada 하드바이트/아보카도 감자칩2종 Hardbite avocado potato chip]

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Flour 0g!!!
Real Potato Chips!!! 
It's time for something new
Fresh potato chips fried with avocado oil


Hard byte chips are safe

No additives of worrying ingredients that don't add artificial flavor and aroma
Good potato chips are from good potatoes
In a clean environment, producers operate potato farms themselves and secure high-quality raw materials.


Avocado oil has a high smoking point of 270 degrees, reducing nutrient destruction and producing no harmful substances.
The smoking point is the temperature at which blue smoke is generated during oil heating and the oil decomposition begins. The higher the smoking point, the more stable it is to heat and used in cooking methods with higher temperatures such as frying
The main ingredient of blue smoke is irritating smell and taste, and it is harmful to the human body
11 minerals / 11가지 미네랄
18 amino acids / 18가지 아미노산 
20 kinds of vitamins / 20가지 비타민 
unsaturated fatty acid / 불포화지방산 
proanthocyanidine / 프로안토시아니딘 
(This is an explanation of the original avocado) 
(* Source: US Department of Agriculture's USAD Nutrient Comparison usda database)) 

Small batch 

Create the value of premium potato chips
with a small amount of production.

Natural Seasoning

We can satisfy with Both taste and health


MK-Canada Kosher Certification 
The kosher system means that it is a food with strict procedures after selecting ingredients according to Jewish law
It means a safe and reliable product made from a thorough production process with clean ingredients, away from the religious point of view now
Hard-byte potato chips, a national brand of Canada that can be found 

at large discount stores Across Canada and

overseas COSTCO


Potato chips are big and thick.
We can feel the flavor of the potato
The scent of natural seasoning is delivered as it is.

it's not greasy, so you won't feel bloated even if you eat a whole bag.




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